Audition For the Women’s Chorale!

Spring 2022 Update: We are holding in-person and Zoom auditions! See below for more information.

Auditions for UC Women’s Chorale happen at the beginning of every semester. They last approximately fifteen minutes and consist of basic warm-ups, tests of vocal range, tonal memory, and sight reading. Auditionees are also expected to prepare a very short solo piece of their choice (less than a minute long). The solo may be accompanied if sheet music is provided for the pianist (in-person only). UC Women’s Chorale features enthusiastic singers of varying experience levels, and we are always happy to accept singers new to choral music.

Auditions for Spring 2022 start after January 18th and continue into mid-February. If none of the available times work with your schedule, please contact our director, Mark Sumner ( to schedule at an alternate time.

The Women’s Chorale rehearses from 4:15 to 6:00 PM Wednesdays and Fridays. If you become a member of UC Women’s Chorale, we expect regular attendance, though exceptions can be made for recurring class conflicts.

How to sign up for auditions:

Please arrive to the meeting five minutes early to speak with one of our managers about important dates, dues, and to fill out an audition form.

Visit and select an appointment slot.

Fill in your contact information (name and email address) in the survey. Please also specify whether you will be auditioning in-person or over Zoom.

In person auditions are held in the basement of the Cesar Chavez building. Please go to room 43. Directions: From the Southside entrance to campus at Bancroft and Telegraph, turn left just before Sather Gate, then walk a bit down Strawberry Creek until you see a set of stairs going down to your left. (see this map) Enter the building, turn left, and room 43 will be on your left.

If you would like to Zoom in instead, a link will be available in the sign-up instructions. Copy this, and make sure to use your email address to sign up to minimize odds of technical difficulties.

If you have trouble signing up for an audition or you have further questions about UC Women’s Chorale, please email our student manager, Kat Davenport.

Other Groups on Campus

The UC Women’s Chorale is a member of UC Choral Ensembles, which also generally take new members at the start of semesters. Find information about the other groups here:

Also, the small ensemble Trill Seekers, is seeking new members. Find out more at